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We are pleased to introduce a brand new Irish based online casino called All Irish Casino. When we mean Irish based, we mean that All Irish Casino’s games and services are completely dedicated to players from the Republic of Ireland. You will not find any other Irish Casino that provides the same kind of games as all software used for All Irish games are unique to the Irish online gaming market.

All Irish Casino has provided all players from the Republic of Ireland various games ranging from slots to other virtual games. However what they are most proud to present is their Live Casino section where live casino is real casino. This section is dedicated to the most popular table games being provided through a live streaming system by broadcasting real live dealers from a land-based Casino and there are plenty Live Casino Advantages that a player can benefit from.

However what is a live Casino? All Irish Casino is the only Irish Casino which provides live broadcast from the land-based Portomaso Casino from the island of Malta. The Portomaso Casino is a well known land-based Casino in Malta as it is the newest and most modern of all land-based casinos in Malta. It has grown in popularity among the Maltese people as well as foreigners who travel to Malta just to attend the games in this casino. So much so that Portomaso Casino has now become one of the most popular land-based casinos in Malta. Therefore All Irish Casino has selected this land-based casino in order to transmit their live games online for Irish players.

As mentioned earlier this live casino is real casino. The way it works is that all professional dealers within Portomaso Casino in Malta have cameras focused on their dealers and the table on which they are dealing. These cameras are directly connected with a network and the All Irish Casino site and whatever is going on in the casino is being transmitted onto the website live. This allows any players to participate in a real live casino table game from the comfort of their own home. The broadcast of these dealers is in real time and basically broadcasted live. This can be proved from television screens placed next to the dealers which broadcast the news channel CNN in real time. This way the player can see for himself / herself that the game play is in real time.

Amongst the games which are included in the Live Casino section are Blackjack, European Roulette and Baccarat (Puntobanco). These games can be played as many times as a player wishes as there is no chance of these tables ever becoming full for online players. The opening hours of these live games however are limited to the opening hours of the land-based Portomaso Casino itself. It is only natural that All Irish Casino’s live games’ broadcasts match the timings that the dealers will be dealing and the time the casino itself is open. These timings are from 09:00 until 04:00 Irish time.

All Irish Casino also offers the availability for players to simply view the live broadcast without needing to play or register beforehand. All a player would need to do in order to follow the live game is to select the game they wish to view and the game will automatically open up. On the top right hand side of the screen, there will be a small window where the live broadcasting can be followed. The focus starts off on the dealer dealing the cards (in the case of Blackjack and Baccarat – Puntobanco), and once the cards are dealt, the focus turns onto the cards actually dealt so that the player can view the result for themselves. In the case of Roulette, the same process takes places. The focus begins on the table and the dealer, and once the dealer rolls the ball, the focus goes onto the roulette wheel and the final result. In all table games, although the player can witness from the camera shots the real game play, on the bottom half of the screen, the player will find a replica of the actual table where virtual cards / numbers will be seen mimicking the way the game is played in the camera feed. All is done simultaneously with the actual live broadcast.

Also one of the best things being offered by All Irish Casino is the fact that any player may still play these live games even if you have not registered with this online casino yet. All Irish Casino offers all potential players the opportunity to be given virtual money adding up to five thousand Euros whereby a player can choose any of their favourite games and start playing for fun. This gives you the opportunity to test out the games, their rules and regulations and the fun factor before committing yourself with real money. Even if you have already registered as a new player, you will still get this same opportunity to try out the games for fun before making your first deposit. The best thing about this virtual money is that it never runs out. If you have finished your first five thousand Euros you may go ahead and refresh the game and you will be given another five thousand Euros virtual money to play with. The amount of times you can actually do this is limitless and you may refresh the amount as many times as you wish.

Each live game provides its own rules and regulations and each player has the choice of selecting various tables depending on the stake limits the player chooses to play with. Some limits can range from a minimum of 0.50 Euro to a maximum of 500 Euro (the stakes having various ranges on each table). In our All Irish live Casino games section we will be giving you a description of all the live games you will find on the All Irish Casino website. Such games include All Irish Casino live Blackjack and All Irish Casino Live Roulette.